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University Programme

become an alumni memberOne might say that the University Programme is the Voice Festival’s baby. It’s where the whole thing began in 2007. Small, yet ambitious. And that ambition continues today. Over the years we have brought the Voice Festival to universities across the country to give students the opportunity to explore a cappella and challenge their musicianship to new levels.

Our programme of events for university students stretches UK-wide and varies from performance-focused opportunities, such as showcases at the London Southbank Centre, the Edinburgh Fringe and the London A Cappella Festival, to workshops and master-classes led by leading figures in the vocal field, a range of competitions, and social opportunities, such as group concert outings and networking events.



Our workshops are an opportunity to meet, perform and learn both from each other and from the Voice Festival’s network of a cappella professionals and vocal experts. We work with local groups to determine what the focus of the workshop should be and find the most appropriate workshop leader to build that skillset. Whether you need help with vocal percussion, stagecraft, tuning, or arrangements, we can help! Voice Festival University Competition participants receive special (often free or discounted) access to regional events as part of the competition entry fee.


Voice Festival masterclassVoice Festival masterclassMasterclasses are a core part of our educational offering. Groups work through a prepared piece with a vocal expert who will teach you how to critique your performance, explore new slants and directions for taking the music, and give you the expertise to perform with confidence.

Festival Weekend

The Festival Weekend is the highlight of the VF-UK year. In 2016, the weekend (held at the Hammond Theatre, London) included the Semi-Final and Final University Competitions as well as workshops on blending, choreography, beatboxing and performance, a collaborative music video, discussion forums and lectures and even a beatboxing battle!

Information about future events

University Competition

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The University competition draws University a cappella groups from across the UK to meet, perform, and share their talent.

Registration information for the 2016/17 competition will open in the autumn. Check back here for more information.

As always, singers from groups registered for the competition will have special access to the year-round schedule of events and opportunities provided by the Voice Festival University Programme.

Meet Voice Festival University Champions 2015: Semi-Toned

Semi-Toned 2015‘If we thought the semi-finals were tough, the finals were on a different league altogether. Every year the Voice Festival UK gets better, but in 2015 the standard was unreal.’

 Click here to read what else the boys had to say about walking away with the VF-UK University Trophy


If you’d like more information or have suggestions for ways for us to improve, please get in touch with our University Programme Manager, Zoe, at

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