Meet Scott

Scott1. How did you get involved with VFUK?

I sang with Out Of The Blue back in the day (07-09) and wanted to keep myself involved in the UK a cappella scene. Having enjoyed the Voice Festival so much in it’s first year I came aboard to help with the Oxford round the year after and haven’t looked back 🙂

2. What is your role within the team?

Co-Producer, Event Manager for Oxford (and unofficially, the emergency MC!)

3. What has been you favourite VFUK moment so far?

Meeting my current girlfriend at the final of the Voice Festival competition 4 years ago.

4. Who is your favourite professional group?

The Swingle Singers by far although FORK are an incredibly innovative and talented group.

5. Have you got any secret talent/fact to share with everyone?

I still haven’t lost the urge to perform and can regularly be found beatboxing in pubs around Oxford and London as “The OxBox”

6. Sum up VFUK in 3 words

bringing voices together

7. What do you do outside of the a cappella world?

Currently working as an R&D test engineer for Cisco Systems in their video-conferencing department, indulging my inner geek by trying to hack into lots of very expensive equipment on a daily basis. I’m still working on a way to bring a cappella and video conferencing together.