Meet Jess


1. How did you become part of the Voice Festival?

I attended the Festival Weekend in 2014 after finding out about VF-UK through one of my daily scavenger hunts on YouTube for a cappella. I absolutely loved it! I wasn’t a part of a group at the time, but wanted to get involved in the a cappella scene in any way I could. When I saw the call for new team members, I jumped at the chance!

2. What is your role within the team?

As communications manager, I’m the woman behind our website and our social media channels, helping to spread who we are and what it is we do and support in the best, most effective and exciting ways possible.

3. What has been you favourite VF-UK moment so far?

Attending the final of the Festival Weekend on my own. It was a big deal for me as I had only recently moved from my hometown of Bradford to the big city of London, and didn’t normally attend things solo. I’m glad I did because I had such a great time seeing so many incredible groups. And of course, being asked to join the VFUK team is most definitely a highlight!

4. Who is your favourite professional group?

I’ve currently seen them 20 times in 4 different countries, and even ended up on stage being serenaded by them, so I’m gonna have to say Pentatonix!

5. Have you got any secret talent/fact to share with everyone?

Amongst several other colourful hobbies and passions, one of my newest is Korean Pop. As a result, I am currently learning Hangul!

6. Sum up VF-UK in three words

.Passion, togetherness, creativity

7. What do you do outside of the a cappella world?

I am the Store Operations Co-Ordinator for The Walt Disney Company.