Meet James

james1. How did you get involved with VF-UK?

I’ve been a member of In the Smoke since 2007, back when the lovely Alex was still singing with us, so I’ve competed twice, showcased once and ushered countless times. This seemed a great time to get involved.

2. What is your role within the team?

I’m the Community Programme Manager, working to deliver and improve services to our community groups and contribute to overall planning across all of our programmes.

3. What has been you favourite VF-UK moment so far?

Running round and round Simon’s garden with Beth, trying to relax and make our presenting debut for the season launch video come across less nervy and more enthusiastic.

4. Who is your favourite professional group?

I’ve had a super-soft spot for the Swingles since I was introduced to an album of theirs in my first year at uni, and I’m really enjoying their direction these days… I missed the SLIXS gig at LACF last year, but on instruction from friends have caught up on YouTube and they’re fantastic. Australian female foursome Ginger & Tonic do a hilarious parody of Halo, US Girl’s Quartet do a brilliant Something Tells Me I’m Into Something Good, and I can listen to Pentatonix‘s Little Drummer Boy every day of the week.

5. Have you got any secret talent/fact to share with everyone?

My ‘secret talent’ when anybody else asks is a cappella, which I expect isn’t much of a surprise to this readership. Er, I make a mean risotto.

6. Sum up VF-UK in 3 words.

Get stuck in.

7. What do you do outside of the a cappella world?

I work for the cultural partnerships department at King’s College London, where we connect the College’s academics and students with the cultural sector with the intention that everybody wins.