Meet Cherith

Cherith1. How did you become part of the Voice Festival?

While studying at  St Andrews I thrived on a stable diet of a cappella.  I was Musical Director of the all female group the Accidentals and loved nothing more than impromptu gigs, crafting dance moves, and performing at balls and gigs.  In final year I was involved with bringing the Voice Festival to Scotland for the first time….little did i realise that would be the start of my Voice Festival journey.  Post-graduation I bumped into Alex and Tyler (former VF-UK team member) at the London A Cappella Festival and they asked if I would like to organise the Cambridge round of the Voice Festival.  That was 5 years ago…

2. What’s your role in the team?

As Communications Director I work with the team to make sure we are communicating who we are, and what we do. In the past, I’ve been heavily involved as an Event Manager, working with the team to bring workshops and festival events across the country – this involved sourcing venues, planning schedules, looking after judges, and making sure that everyone had a good time.   I love working with different vocal groups and singers and providing them with an opportunity to grow their confidence and skills, perform to large audiences, and generally have fun singing a cappella.  

3. Whats been your favourite Voice Festival moment so far?

That’s a tricky one.  I’m astonished by the the year-on-year improvement that our singers display.  Everytime I think we have reached the pinnacle of what a group can do, they pull something extraordinary out of the bag and I’m blown away.  That brings loads of favourite moments.

4. Who’s your favourite professional group and why?

Seeing as my flatmate is one of them, I think i’m going to have to say the Swingle Singers!  I sometimes hear them practice and can confirm that yes,  they really are that good all of the time! Although the Voice Festival team does a good 6 part harmony….

5. Have you any secret talent/fact you can share?

While living in Spain I tried my hand at bull fighting!

6. Describe the Voice Festival in 3 words?

Jaw dropping performances

7. What do you currently do outside of the a cappella world?

I work in advertising for a financial organization in London. It’s definitely a challenging world to work in, but I enjoy it.