Meet Ally

Ally1. How did you become part of the Voice Festival?

I got involved with a cappella music after a very drunken freshers week where I told a random other fresher (who turned out to be Mark Nathan) that I could sing (I was a chorister for many years). We then exchanged numbers and a few days later I received a text asking if I would sing with a newly formed group. Who knew that after a few weeks, eight random students would form The University of Birmingham’s flagship group, Augmented Seven. The Voice Festival was our first proper outing as a group and inspired us to propel ourselves forward. In September 2010 we went on to form a whole society dedicated to a cappella music and formed 3 new groups. I was part of the society’s committee for the first two years and helped to bring a regional round of VF-UK to Birmingham. I had formed great friendships with the Voice Festival Team and when Augmented Seven parted ways at the end of 2011, I was keen to still be involved with a cappella music. I joined the team that Christmas and haven’t looked back since.

2. What’s your role in the team?

Due to my studies I still have a very light workload compared to the others. I have assisted with Regional festival rounds as well as providing support at the Final 2012 (I provided the mandatory croissants). I look forward to doing much more in the future as The Voice Festival continues to flourish!

3. What’s been your favourite Voice Festival moment so far?

Being a member of a group competing, you don’t get to see what happens behind the scenes and so this whole year has been a highlight seeing the dedication and enthusiasm of the team. It was also fantastic to see the schools competition this year. There’s some cracking talent out there!

4. Who’s your favourite professional group and why?

There are some incredible groups out there so this is very tough. I have recently been obsessed with the Pentatonix. They’re very quirky and fresh and I’m always waiting for their latest youtube post!

5. Have you any secret talent/fact worth sharing?

Hmmmmmmm… Where do I start?!? I once had to play ‘a broken lightbulb’ in a nativity play in primary school. To be honest. I think that’s propelled my musical career to where it is now!

6. Describe the Voice Festival in 3 words

Dynamic, unique, FUN!