Meet Alexandra

Alexandra1. How did you become part of the Voice Festival?

My love of a cappella singing started back in 2004 when I was studying at Oxford and was inspired by all the fantastic groups there to start my own all-female group ‘In the Pink’. I enjoyed a brilliant two years with the girls, and after university went on to sing with ‘In the Smoke’, a mixed group comprising former a cappella singers from various different universities. In both groups I felt incredibly lucky to have made so many great friends, sung in extraordinary places and learnt so much from the other singers, both student and professional, that I’d met along the way. It was because of this that I decided to start’The Voice Festival UK’ with Simon- to create more opportunities for singers to learn, perform, share ideas and have fun together, in their own communities and further afield. And so, VF-UK was born!

2. What’s your role in the team?

I’m the Creative Director, which means working with Simon, the Finance and Business Director, to manage and oversee the charity’s year-round programme of activity. I also co-ordinate the Voice Festival UK’s Youth and Community programmes, working closely with the University and Alumni Programme Co-ordinators to make sure we provide fantastic a cappella opportunities for singers of all ages and backgrounds.

3. What’s been your favourite Voice Festival moment so far?

I think my favourite moments are always the impromptu jam sessions. Whether it’s school groups showing one another what they can do in a break in a workshop, university groups spontaneously entertaining the crowds at competitions whilst the judges deliberate, the massed ‘sing-along’ at the after-show party or a beatbox battle at the end of the night – those moments of coming together to have fun singing and making music are what it’s all about!

4. Who’s your favourite professional group and why?

I can’t pick one! There are too many fantastic groups out there and they’re all so different… Sorry 😉

5. Have you any secret talent/fact you can share?

I’m the Britney Spears karaoke queen… does that count? In fact, should I have shared that?

6. Describe the Voice Festival in 3 words?

Can’t stop singing!