We want the best of you!

Most people are at their best when doing something they love.  We’re looking for some new Voice Festival team members – people who can bring some of their ‘Best self’ to the Voice Festival. Are you interested? #VFbestself


Our story

 In April The Voice Festival UK celebrated 5 years.  That’s 5 years of growing, supporting and connecting the UK a cappella community through workshops, mentoring schemes, masterclasses, performance opportunities, competitions, networking events and much much more. That makes for quite a story. But it’s only the beginning…

 We’ve now reached a juncture.  Our communities and participants have grown incredibly.  As we set out on an exciting time of discovery into the next part of our story, we need your input, your ideas, and your talent to help keep the Voice Festival going.

 5 years time.  The Voice Festival UK 2018. What will we be? Join our team and help us figure it out! 


Our team 

 It takes a small team of brilliant people playing different roles to make the Voice Festival happen. Some key facts you should know: 

  • We’re all volunteers who do this for the love of it. We think this is important, and think you probably do too.  Without staff costs, we are able to put our funds where they’ll be best used. 
  • We all have friends, families, jobs and studies, and other interests. These keep us busy too.  This means we understand the need to be flexible with each other and how we work.  
  • We’ve developed new skills by joining the Voice Festival team.  Outside of careers and studies, the Voice Festival provides an opportunity to explore who we are and work with people from other walks of live. It’s a melting pot for creativity. Employers like it too.   And it’s fun.
  • We live in various places across the UK- a reflection of the communities we work with.  This, and the fact that we have a virtual HQ, makes it easy to be part of the team irrespective of where you’re based. 
  • We all love a cappella and the opportunity to help share the artform more widely, grow a cappella singers across the UK and recruit more singers to join the fun.  Pretty simple really.


We think we come together very nicely, indeed. A ‘one team, one dream’ kind of place.  But there’s definitely room on this dream team for more ideas and action. 


Does that whet your appetite? Get in touch and tell us about who you are at your best!


1) Check out the three role profiles:




If these strike a chord, then write to us at voice@thevoicefestival.co.uk and tell us why you are interested and why you would be a good fit for the role profile. We don’t need you to complete an application form, but sending a CV is also helpful- it give us some more colour as to who you are. 


2) Or maybe you’ve looked and you don’t see anything to suit your best self.   Never worry. There are many other opportunities for digi-sorts, event types, creative folks, social leaders, producers, storytellers and grafters etc.  Get in touch and tell us a little more about your best-self.  


If interested, please reply to voice@thevoicefestival.co.uk by midnight on Friday 16 August!  We’ll then be in touch with next steps. 


We look forward to hearing from you!


x The Voice Festival Team