University Competition 2014 – exciting news and a first look at the groups

We’re delighted to announce that 23 university a cappella groups have signed up to participate in the 2014 University Competition, making it the biggest event in VF-UK’s history!

In the New Year, all the groups will be creating a 8-minute video submission (that’s a total of 3 hours and 4 minutes of brand new a cappella goodness!) to convince the judges that they deserve a place in the Semi-Final and Final, both taking place during the Festival Weekend in March.

It’s so exciting to see so many new groups getting on board with the University Programme as well as the return of lots of familiar faces, and we are incredibly grateful to each and every group, without whom this event certainly wouldn’t be possible. We are so looking forward to being wowed by fantastic vocal talent from all corners of the UK.

We know you’re all dying to see what the groups can do, so if you can’t wait until February then check out their websites and social media pages below.


From the University of Birmingham:

The Sons of Pitches


From King’s College London:

The King’s Chicks

All The King’s Men


From the University of Oxford:

Out of the Blue


From the University of Exeter:

Sweet Nothings




From Imperial College London:

The Imperielles

The Scopes

The Techtonics


From the University of Birmingham:


The Uptone Girls

The J Walkers

The Treblemakers


From the University of St Andrews:

The Accidentals

The Alleycats


From the University of Leeds:

The Cosmopolitones


From the University of Bath:



From the University of Aberdeen:



From the University of Warwick:

The Polyphonics


From the University of Glasgow:

Choral Stimulation


From the University of Bristol: