The Voice Festival team welcomes new volunteers

The Voice Festival team welcomes new volunteers

The Voice Festival UK is very excited to update you with news of our growing team.  Now entering our 6th year, we’re working hard to put in place a model that will enable us to  support and grow the UK’s exciting a cappella scene for years to come.
As well as some changes amongst the roles and responsibilities of our current volunteers,  we are welcoming 5 new volunteers to the team – each brimming with great ideas, energy and enthusiasm.  We hope this will go a long way to developing our programmes and enabling us to support emerging and experienced a cappella singers from across the UK.

We welcome:  

Catherine Hayes as our Youth Programme Manager

Nadia Dillon as Festival Administrator

Michael Humphrey and Anna McGlinchey as our Education Co-ordinators

and Beth Whalley as our Communications Assistant  

Please see our ‘Who’s who‘ page to find out a little more about each team member and why they’ve got involved.  

We’re currently taking stock of our programmes and exploring where we will focus our energies this year and beyond.  We will be sharing more information with you in the coming weeks, so please keep your eyes peeled to our website.

Alexandra, Simon and Cherith