Ever wondered how to start up your own a cappella group?

It’s the beginning of the university year. Perhaps you’re a first-year, inspired by Pitch Perfect and keen to try out a cappella, but overwhelmed by the number of groups and auditions on offer. Perhaps there aren’t any a cappella groups at your university at all. Maybe you’re a second- or third-year who’s seen what the other groups can do and reckon you can do it better. Or maybe you have a revolutionary new a cappella idea and want a bunch of unwitting singers to try it out on! If you can relate to any of the above, then we highly recommend you check out our brand new Voice Festival Guide to Starting a University Group.

Between us, we have a fair few years of a cappella experience. We’ve each tried out new ideas that have worked well, and ones that have totally bombed… So now it’s time to impart some of that experience to the rest of the a cappella community. The guide contains tips on where to begin, how to find members, ideas for funding, and a couple of our favourite uni group videos and blogs that we think might help to inspire you!

This is only the first in a number of guides we’ll be putting together to help you along your aca-journey, which will all be downloadable from our Resources Page, new to the Voice Festival site in 2014. Soon, we’ll be giving some hints and tips on how to hold auditions. If you have any suggestions for guides we can create in the future, email voice@thevoicefestival.co.uk and we’ll see what we can do!