An Announcement and a Festive Gift

To facilitate the spreading of Christmas cheer (which, as you know is most effectively achieved through singing loud for all to hear) we present a free arrangement of O Holy Night for you to download and use with any singing chums you bump into over the festive period.

There are 2 versions – one for SSA (for girls, ladies and/or younger men), the other for TTB (men). It is a close 3-part arrangement with a solo part for any wannabe Mariahs, Beyonces or Bubles.

In 2014 Michael Humphrey and the rest of the VF-UK youth team will be bringing you more arrangements to try out, specifically designed (with bespoke teaching videos) for any groups who are just starting up. Get in touch via the usual channels if you happen to have any requests, or indeed you want to find out about and discuss any aspect of getting into a cappella – and watch this space…

Download the SSA arrangement here: O Holy Night SSA, and the TTB arrangement here: O Holy Night TTB