university alumni


Once a ‘Voice Festivaler’, always a ‘Voice Festivaler’…

We’ve loved getting to know you over the years.  Your performances have brought us joy.  Your ballads have made us cry.  Your originality has made us shriek.  Your music has made us listen.

We would love to stay in touch, and help provide you with more opportunities to enjoy the UK a cappella scene. If that sounds like a good plan, please take a moment to share your contact details below, and we’ll be in touch.  And if you have any ideas or thoughts on how the Voice Festival could most cater to your needs, we would love to hear them.


    Hello, I’m:
    e.g. Teddy

    I used to sing with:
    e.g. The Pitches

    My email address at University was:

    But now you can contact me at:

    I’m interested in:
    e.g. Attending future events in London, and mentoring young singers

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